– without relation to other people or things; separately.
“environmental problems must not be seen in isolation from social ones”

Oxford dictionary


I sit at my desk today during our weeks of self-isolation due to Covid-19 and a question arises – how do we view the world if we are all to be taken in isolation?

Are we all feeling out of context in isolation in our homes?

I feel there is some truth in this for my sons who, without their sporting seasons and work, have lost context in their lives. They almost become like young kids again existing purely in the context of their home, meal times, toilet, games, screens and pets. It is a necessary regression so that after this ends they will be healthy and safe to go out into the world again. But will they still have the muscle memory?

Who am I in isolation of the world I inhabit? It is somewhat easier for me, being a writer, I am used to spending time alone, in isolation. Although I am never entirely separate to other people or things.  I spend my time with words, characters and story. Just as I did as a child; in nature, books and with my imaginary friend.  In some ways, this time suits me as I can hide away from the real world and live in my imagination. Escape back into the world of The Bower Girl.  Commune with the clouds and the trees. Read all the books that I never I have time to read.

I remain a mother as well as writer. Even in isolation this mantle remains, more so now than last month. With the regression of my near grown sons I find myself needed by them more as I try to help them navigate the halting of their lives. Lives that were about to start in many ways. Now once more dependent on us for food, entertainment and roof over their heads. My hope for them is this time will only make them more eager for independence once the world opens up again.

Thankfully we still have means of connection through the digital world enabling us to exercise and have virtual meetings. To keep some semblance of a routine. And we are lucky to have enough space for social distancing, a backyard with trees and room for a hammock. Oh – and we have our old gentleman cat and a new puppy who will never let us truly live in isolation.

With time on my hands and in my hands in this time of isolation I am working on my projects, including an adaption of The Angelica Complex as a TV series and a feature film.  I feel it is only appropriate I work on this project about a mother of a new born experiencing the self-isolation of motherhood, her journey through a tunnel of post-natal depression and back into the light.

I have also decided to start this blog about writing, family, mental health and what I am reading, if only to document my time in isolation.